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Projects - Revolting Mass / MAS - Anarcho Graffit Streeti Art
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Revolting Mass Graffiti Outdoors

Outdoor Painting

Revolting Mass outdoors graffiti in freehand, stencil, pen and other styles.

Scroll down to see some of the personal projects Revolting Mass has worked on.

Please click on a project to see it in greater detail; photos and an indepth description.

Maesy's Graf Jam - Site South of Bristol

Maesy invited Revolting Mass to her birthday graffiti jam on a site in a small village south of Bristol, U.K. Several other artists were there including Ryder, T-Rex, Keen, Maesy herself and tons of others.

Refugees Lives Matter More Than Bankers Bonuses

Refugees Lives Matter More Than Bankers Bonuses piece was painted in Matlock, Derbyshire - The Peak District. It was done in response to the U.K (and other European nations) slow and stingy reaction to the refugee crisis of Syrians, creating a situation where these desperate people have been drownin

Anti-Austerity Demonstration - London

Revolting Mass at the anti-austerity demonstration in London. The tories have cut spending on some many things people rely on.

Eat Politicians - Old Skate Park

Outdoors stencil piece of street art graffiti on the old skate park in Farnham. This was done in collaboration with Greebo. The stencil is of two children eating decapitated heads of politicians with the caption 'Eat Politicians'

Dalai Lama's Holy Message Farnham

Dalai Lama stencil in Farnham with the slightly different text of "Cheer the fuck up bitches" again the Om is expleted with Om symbols. This was done with the help of Zerk and 2che.

Dalai Lama's Holy Message Grimsby

Dalai Lama stencil in Grimsby "Cheer the Fuck Up Grimsby" with Fuck expleted out with Om symbols. Collaborative piece with KLEEM

Bus Shelters Against the Police State

This graffiti is about our loss of civil rights through our dodgy government over the past 20 years - Criminal Justice Bill, Civil Contingencies Act, Terrorism Act, Serious Organised Crime Act. This bus shelter shows its support by wearing the multi layer stencil of a riot coppers by Revolting Mass.

Glastonbury Festival, Sommerset, UK

The Revolting Mass tag at various locations at the Glastonbury Music and Preforming Arts Festival 2008 in Shepton Mallet, Sommerset, England, UK.

Anti-Fascist Wheelie Bin

Anti Fascist wheelie bin near the SouthBank, London. Stencil of Hitler shooting himself in the head

Jays, RIP piece. Bristol, UK

Memorial piece for my friend Jay who tragically died in a fire near the M32 flyover in Easton, Bristol, UK

Gun Club Site Graf

Graffiti at the Gun Club site. This area was used for parties, raves and gigs.

Old Cornish Graffiti

Some early Revolting Mass pieces from around 2004-2006 in Cornwall.

Kernow Pirates / Admiral Nelson Squat

Some early Revolting Mass pieces from around 2004-2006 in Cornwall. These include some done for the Kernow Pirates squatters in Falmouth.

Anti War Bill board Subverts, Bristol

Part of an action as a part of Impact News, an activist newspaper. These anti war bill board subverts were done in Bristol, England, around the time of the start of the 'War on Terror'. We knew what was coming and unfortunately we were right