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Projects - Revolting Mass / MAS - Anarcho Graffit Streeti Art
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Revolting Mass Exhibitions - QBar Falmouth


Revolting Mass exhibitions page. Revolting Mass has held a few exhibitions over the years, ranging from small scale exhibits in the West Country and Surrey to larger ones in London and even an exhibition hi-jack...

Please click on an exhibition to see it in greater detail; photos and an indepth description.

'Street Messages' - Book Launch - Lazarides Eds

Revolting Mass exhibiting with Nicholas Ganz, Meghan Wilson, Christopher Statton, Kid Acne, and many others at Lazarides Editions near the OXO tower on London's South Bank.

West End Centre Exhibition - Aldershot

Joint exhibition with Stephen Bridger and Naomi Symmonds at the West End Centre in Aldershot. One side of the room was Stephen's the other Revolting Mass's, Naomi's sculptures were placed on plinths down the middle.

The Barn, Farnham

Exhibition at The Barn, Farnham. The opening night was kicked off with a punk rock band; the Cock Rockets! The exhibition lasted a week. On the second night there was a combo acoustic & DJ set by the local rig; Riff Raff Sounds.

Not So Pretty - Punk Gig & Art Exhibition - London

Revolting Mass was approached by punk rock promoters 'Not So Pretty' to decorate some large boards that were placed around the punk rock show, which took place near Camden lock

Tate Modern Graffiti Walk Hijack - London

The Tate Modern Street Art Exhibition, Embankment, Bankside, London. There was a tour of street art in the area, which Revolting Mass went around and hijacked by placing his artwork along the route.

The Cans Festival Street Art Exhibition - Banksy

Revolting Mass at Banksy's "Cans Festival, Stencil Art Street Battle" 3rd, 4th, 5th May 2008, Waterloo London. Leake Street.

Q-Bar Stolen Wall Exhibition - Falmouth, Cornwall

Revolting Mass's graffiti was exhibited by Stolen Wall Exhibitions. It took place at the Q-Bar in Falmouth, Cornwall. The show went down very well and some pieces were purchased. The opening night had punk bands playing