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Revolting Mass - street art, graffiti, illustration.

Revolting Mass believes getting outside & expressing yourself is healthy. If pigeon holed he is classed as a street artist, stencil graffiti artist and freehand graffiti artist. Indoors he is a illustrator in pen and ink, acrylics, digital image manipulation and more recently screen printing.


Inspiration truly is a love / hate relationship for Revolting Mass. It comes from all the things in the world that piss him off, as well as the beauty of our planet and stories of heroism (particularly people standing up, against the odds, to oppression). But usually it is the destruction of the planet, the suppression of freedom and the apathy of his fellow humans that push him to the point where he paints.

Recently he has been inspired by some more psychedelic and spiritual themes. More to come on this.

Commissions and Teaching

Most of the time Revolting Mass paints what he wants to. But sometimes works as a designer and illustrator, he is available for commissioned pieces. After all, a girl's gotta eat.

Revolting Mass has run several successful sessions teaching graffiti at youth clubs, he loved it and so did the teenagers and children involved.

If you wish to commission a piece of work or hire him to teach freehand or stencil graffiti, please email: