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Police Brutality - Proudhon Quote

Street Art Prints, Canvas etc

The Revolting Mass gallery page. Canvas, art prints, screen prints.

Please click on a project to see it in greater detail, including colour variations and order details.

These are typically painted on canvas, high quality thick recycled paper, or in some cases wooden boards. Screen printing inks are of decent quality and others make use of good quality spray paints.

Civil Liberties?

This stencil was originally created as a street art piece called Bus Stops Against the Police State. The stencil was then used to create these pieces of art on canvas.

Hungry for Justice? Eat Politicians

Originally a street art piece, this is a picture of children eating the decapitated heads of politicians. Extremely limited edition as stencils taken and destroyed by police at an anti-austerity march in London. Was exhibited in a touring graffiti exhibit of artists that appeared in Nicholas Ganz's "Street Messages" street art book

Police Brutality - Pierre Joseph-Proudho

Originally a street art piece, this is a picture of police beating up protestors and accompanied by a quote from Pierre Joseph Proudhon - a french anarchist and philospher.

Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky is a modern day anarchist philosopher and critic of politics, foreign policy and the media. This is a portrait of him.

Each canvas is approx. 1.2m high by 0.8m wide. There are 2 canvases one the portrait and the other a quote

Clash of Ideologies

Piece specifically to do with the Chinese occupation of Tibet and generally to do with occupations everywhere. How would (or should) someone respond to violence and oppression when they are walking a path of peace.... ? What is the 'right course of action'?

This piece is approx. 1.2m high by 1.8m wide

Dalai Lama Stencil

The Dalai Lama stencil portrait by Revolting Mass. This piece has lots of Om's in the background. This stencil was originally used a piece of street art.

Know Your Soul - Portrait Size - Meditat

Series created from stencil of monk meditating. These are head and shoulder portrait pieces, different backgrounds and textures.This stencil was originally used a piece of street art.

Know Your Soul - Galatic - Meditation Se

Series of pieces created from stencil of monk meditating. Textured spray paint piece to give an outer space effect.This stencil was originally used a piece of street art.

Anarchy Flag Large Screen Prints

This is an anarchist piece with punks raising up an anarchy flag and the text 'Fuck the System, Liberate Yourself'. Available in Red, Lime Green or Bright Pink. Only 32 of these in existance so they are very limited edition. All numbered & signed by the artist. They are huge approximately 1.4m x 1m in size (printed area 1m x 75cm) & are screen printed onto high quality thick recycled pulp paper.